Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September 2022

Organised by the ASPTT Compiègne, the Trail des Beaux Monts is a reference in trail running. 

For the 20th edition, put on your trainers in imperial lands on a 32, 14 or 5 km + two challenges of 14 + 5 km and 14 + 32 km. The circuit will take you through the mythical Imperial Alley, over the Beaux Monts or the Mont St Mard! An event not to be missed.

The starts will be given at the Paul Petitpoisson stadium in Compiègne, the finishes will be judged at the same place:

  • the Trail (32 km) 
  • The nature race (14 km) 
  • The discovery race (5 km) 
  • 14 Km and 5 Km Challenge.
  • Challenge 14 Km and 32 Km.