A stay under the sign of fitness in Compiègne!

Mercure Chantilly

A stay placed under the sign of the fitness in Chantilly !

Make your visit to Chantilly a dynamic and sporty one thanks to the many activities available in and around the hotel. Whether you are a trail runner or a fan of bodybuilding, to work out, you can choose from a wide range of fitness, it's in Chantilly that it happens!

An infinite number of possibilities for making fitness in Chantilly

Surrounded by nature, our 4-star hotel will convince you thanks to its idyllic location and the quality and diversity of the activities it offers. During your stay, you can take advantage of the sun to play golf, challenge your friends or family on a tennis court or around a ping-pong table, relax during a yoga class, swim in one of our two heated swimming pools, practice an aquagym class or work up a sweat in our fitness room. fitness of Chantilly. There is something for everyone! Our hotel offers both indoor and outdoor activities, so that even the coldest of people can enjoy a good night's sleep. fitness in ChantillyEven in winter!

The forest: a sports and recreation area fitness in Chantilly

And what if you took advantage of our hotel's proximity to the Chantilly forest to enjoy outdoor activities? Here too, you will be spoilt for choice! Hire of classic or electric bikes, Nordic walking, running... So many activities to choose from. fitness to do in Chantilly outdoors! An infinite number of possibilities to spend a sporting weekend in your image! Open your eyes and lungs wide, and let's go, you're ready to do some fitness in Chantilly.

Making fitness in Chantilly The reasons

It is no longer a secret that sport has exceptional benefits for the body, but also for the mind! So for a heart in great shape, strong bones, a champion's tension and a calmed mind, take advantage of your visit to Chantilly to do a physical activity that suits you! Do you need advice on hiring equipment? To choose your activity or activity schedule? Our team and our partners will be happy to advise you.

The choice of a sport is a very personal choice, it must take into account personal preferences, but also the limits that our body type, endurance, capacities and facilities may impose on us. However, there are some which, despite their apparent gentleness, are particularly effective and can be practiced whatever the weather! Among them: Nordic walking. This activity is a clever mix of flexibility, endurance and strength training! It is one of the activities fitness that can be practiced in Chantilly in the heart of the forest!

Just because you have decided to do fitness in Chantilly during your stay, that you will not relax - quite the contrary! You will feel better in your trainers and then, as the famous saying goes, after the effort, the comfort, no? What could be better than a jump in the pool to refresh yourself after your session or a trip to the hammam or sauna to recover!

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